US Capital - are you kidding me?

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  1. so I got a PM today for this company saying it offers additional capital to retail traders - only $150/month to use $20k

    anyone get a PM from these jokers?

    i use the term "jokers" because this seems rediculous that any investor would put money up for this - am I missing something?
  2. Thats 9% interest for year... why is that not believable?

    Ever hear of credit cards?
  3. hey some traders may need it.....and 0.75% per month isn't bad to pay for capital, if you really need it to trade effectively. You would pay much more for capital going to Bright Trading !!!
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    Can you sign up for multiples of $20k? A 9% vig isn't that hard to overcome. Put me down for a 25 lot!
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    The fact that these guys trade through genesis is one of the reasons I've stayed away from that brokerage firm, even though it has great rates. Too many shady deals going on.
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    at a quick glance it does not seem shady, their funds are secure and the trader accepts all losses, fees etc. I assume that they have a relationship with the broker and that both would agree upon a max daily loss and one would be flat end of day ..
    They have a win win situation.

    what shady deals do you have knowledge a trader I appreciate any factual information.


  7. I traded for a hedge fund that cleared automation strategies through Genesis and they had great things to say about the firm. What shady deals?
  8. haven't you learned by now that most people on ET talk out of their ass ??
  9. I read the website...joint accounts...only available to retail traders...required trading volume of 110k(whats that about?) 9% interest... Doesnt sound worth it and I smell a possible scam....pretty easy to empty someones account when its a joint account and nothing you could do to legally get it back. Of course im sure they make you sign a ton of stuff to make sure you dont beat them to the punch. :)

    Also the 110k volume?..chances are, you are not pulling that kind of volume unless you already have 25k or are just massively scalping LU.
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