US boss held hostage by Chinese workers

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  2. I blame the American consumer. Why won't the consumer pay 25% more so that these products can be made in the USA.
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    That's bullshit. Most of the windfall profits go to pay CEOs and other top execs outrageous salaries. The difference between CEO and ordinary worker salaries in the USA is a ridiculous outlier when compared to the rest of the world. Unbridled avarice, pure and simple.
  4. You naive fool.....

    Do you think a CEO who makes 50 million out of corporate revenues of 10, 20, 50 Billion has any effect.
    In fact most of CEO income comes from stock valuations and not out of operating revenue.

    I would guess a multi- billion dollar corporation matches in spending the CEO income just on office supplies like toilet paper.
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    No, but I suspect we'll be putting up with that and worse once Obama care is fully implemented.