US Border Patrol To Boycott Arizona Over Immigration Law

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    This would be funny if it weren't true: US Border Patrol is going to boycott Arizona over its new law clamping down on illegal immigration, which, coincidentally, is one of the main job functions of the US Border Patrol. Thing is, this action is now forcing the fed to apply some more resources to the growing problem that the Border Patrol faces in this part of the country, as evidenced by the US beginning to use unmanned drones to assist in the border patrol.

  2. How does it force the Feds to apply more resources? The only "boycott" is that they moved a conference scheduled in AZ elsewhere.

    While I'm sure the conference cost some money to the hotel it was scheduled to be at, the total loss is most likely less than $100,000.

    The Border Patrol is still going to do it's job in AZ.

    I'm struggling with the news aspect of this.
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    the action = Arizona law, not the boycott. Sorry if it wasn't clear and confused.
  4. Obama claims we can't cut spending yet here are two perfect examplers of obviously wasteful spending. Two federal agencies holding expensive offsite conventions...for what purpose? While we're at it, we could just cut the entire budget for the Education Department. It is just a taxpayer-funded arm of the NEA anyway.
  5. Exactly.

    What's the point of the convention? More talk.
  6. Liberal Compares the Border Patrol to the Ku Klux Klan

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    Liberal activist Elena Herrada compares the border patrol to the KKK. Herrada encouraged her audience to not sit next to border patrol officers in restaurants, asking,
    Funny how the KKK and liberals find themselves on the same side.
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    The Democrats want to give 20 million illegal aliens amnesty, knowing that 80% of them will then vote for Democrats. Not enough Americans will vote for Democrats so they want to replace us with people who will.

    Obama in particular has no desire at all to see immigration law enforced. His own aunt was an illegal alien. Hence all the rants about Arizona's law. How dare Arizona try to enforce immigration law?
  8. WTF?! Unbelievable...

  9. Liberals crying "racist" without cause just makes them look like the idiots they are ,vapid thinking with the consistent salient point of "you hewrt my feewlings".