US bailout will not rescue foreign banks (and they need $1 trillion+)?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by crgarcia, Oct 5, 2008.

  1. So they are bailing-out euro financials like Hypo Real Estate AG.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg in Europe, they need more money than the USA, they need more than $1 trillion.
  2. We probably need $5 Trillion.. they just told us $700B to keep us from rioting in the streets.
  3. The US bailout won't resue the US as well. They need +5 trillion dollars.
  4. The sky is falling, everyone's afraid of a major financial collapse. Time to go all in. If everything does collapse, everyone will be done for. If not, you could make the killing of a lifetime. These are the times when people make stock market fortunes.
  5. How about Europe?

    They haven't approved anything yet.
  6. jasonjm


    ok so i have a serious question for all

    what if every major country just printed trillions (japan, europe, china, usa) - all at the same time, and bailed out everyone... just wiped all the bad debt away in one shot, done....

    why isn't this doable? ok so maybe we get a bit of inflation (which govts probably want anyways), maybe savers are angry for a bit......

    but bottom line is why can't this be done? I mean its not real money anyways, money is just a bunch of 1s and 0s

    Just wipe the debt clean for all countries at the same time and start over again?

    kind of like hitting reset on a video game to start over?
  7. I suggest you take a college level macroeconomics course. Printing that much money won't cause just a "bit of inflation". It will cause massive inflation. See Germany after WWI.
  8. kxvid


    I read they made 2.5T in bad subprime loans. But 5T? Anybody got a source? Did they honestly make 5 trillion in bad loans?
  9. jasonjm


    not really

    so they would have to print say 10 trillion

    the value of all assets around the world is probably $500 trillion

    so whats the big deal?

    I don't see massive inflation?

    and bear in mind im talking about EVERY major central bank printing money, so none of the major currencies would move vs each other because they are all printing cash....

    i just dont see why it isnt do-able
  10. Actaully a prescient comment given iceland's precarious position. UN food assistance isn't far behind.
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