US Army Colonel: Crushing a 'tea party insurgency'

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    A retired U.S. Army colonel who now teaches modern warfare to soldiers at the University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies at Fort Leavenworth, Kan. has co-written an article with a Civil War expert that has ignited a firestorm today among those increasingly concerned about what some say is a distinct anti-civilian tone that has infected much of the military and Homeland Security since 2009.

    Retired Col. Kevin Benson and Jennifer Weber, Associate Professor of History at the University of Kansas, co-wrote an article for Small Wars Journal on a 2010 Army report titled, "U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, The Army Operating Concept 2016 - 2028."

    The report describes how the Army will respond to threats "at home and abroad" in the coming two decades and in doing so has made clear that a monumental cultural shift has occurred in the thinking of those at the top levels of military command. This shift has some government watchdogs worried, particularly given that Benson is using the platform provided at Fort Leavenworth to educate military personnel in his vision of the nature of modern warfare in America. According to the vision articulated by Benson, future warfare will be conducted on our own soil. The military will use its full force against our own citizens. The enemy will be average citizens whose values resonate with those articulated by the tea party.

    Forbes: How the U.S. Military Would Crush a Tea Party Rebellion

    ...In fact, the Army’s operating concept for 2016 to 2028 considers highly likely a future where the U.S. is threatened by “radical U.S. citizens operating domestically and abroad”. The Pentagon was probably thinking of Al Qaeda sympathizers in the U.S., but radicals come in all flavors.

    Benson and Weber boldly argue that “if we face a period of persistent global conflict as outlined in successive National Security Strategy documents, then Army officers are professionally obligated to consider the conduct of operations on U.S. soil.” They also argue that preparations for such a scenario must begin now, including proper equipment for the U.S. military as well as liaison between federal and state authorities. Actually, the issue is really the conduct of operations against U.S. citizens on U.S. soil

    House Dem: Tea Party is the 'real enemy'

    DHS: Veterans a terrorist threat

    Liberty Lovers are "Extreme Right-Wing" terrorists: DHS

    Lets connect the dots:

    1) Liberty lovers are terrorists
    2) Veterans are terrorists
    3) The Tea Party are terrorists
    4) The US Army is preparing for civil war against the American People on US soil.
    4) Liberals plan either a forced confiscation of guns, or turn the 2nd Amendment into a privilege.

    Where is this train going? You tell me.
  2. Kinda sucks to realize you are supporting your captors with your protection money.
  3. 1.True

    2.False,The US Army is preparing to put down right wing idiots like leapup who keep talking that revolution /civil war shit.Fucking idiots actually think they can overthrow the government and probably have no idea The Military is prepared and waiting for them to rise up
  4. All we've done is exchange one tyrant for another.
    1776 again?

    How It plays out I don't know.
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    That is complete horseshit. When has the Tea Party ever called for an armed "take over" of the Government. WHEN . Never happened. All these guys are peaceful constitutionalists. It's the GOvernment and military that are making plans to dearm, and go to war against the American public. We still have our rights, homeboy.
  6. Really ? You haven't heard all the civil war,secession,revolution talk coming from tea partiers

    The dont thread on me flag is a symbol of the first revolution
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    Max E.

    This is another huge contradiction on your part, on the one hand, you mock people who are supposedly arming for the re-enactment of the civil war, then on the other hand you gloat about the U.S. army for preparing for a re-enactment of the civil war.

    How can you reconcile these two thoughts?
  8. No contradiction.If the idiots actually try to start a civil war I support the government brutally crushing them

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    In the late 1700's you'd been referred to as a Torie

    We'd be known as Patriots
  10. In the late 1700's we didn't have democratically elected governments,today we do.In the late 1700's they had to fight to change their leaders,today we can vote them out
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