US Army basically admits defeat Karzai confirms US, Taliban talks

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Texas, Jun 18, 2011.

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    Karzai confirms US, Taliban talks

    KABUL — President Hamid Karzai acknowledged yesterday that the US and Afghan governments have held talks with Taliban emissaries in a bid to end the nation’s nearly 10-year war, even as suicide attackers launched a bold assault in the heart of the county’s capital, killing nine people.

    The attack, which occurred blocks from Karzai’s office, shows the parties have a long way to go to reach a political settlement as the Obama administration weighs a major withdrawal of its forces. The White House neither directly confirmed nor denied Karzai’s statement.
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    'Nother weird war like Vietnam... it's political. We rolled over that entire country in a few weeks, we won.. then we screwed around for ten years and now we're negotiating...
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    And these wars go on and on and on..........
  4. The fruits of stupid W. 's decisions/policies, and those idiots who voted him twice.

    If NATO is perceived as defeated (even if it wins) in little Afghanistan what would bigger enemies like China/North Korea/etc think?

    This talk about negotiations may not be all good: What if the Talibans refuse to negotiate?
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    You are wrong if you think in Terms of Enemies

    Why not do business like Canada

    Canada does not see China as enemy, and the only problem Canada has with North Korea is because US tells them so.

    Stop thinking the world is against you because if the world unites against you if you give them reason to

    you are finished
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    It is seriously 1984 status.

    War is Peace.