US and West should dump Israel

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    Israel has been a millstone around the necks of the USA and West for the last 50 years.
    Their continued support should be dependent on Israel carrying out UN resolutions. They should treat the Arab/Muslim world the same way. The UN at the moment is little more than a figure of derision. If there is ever to be any sort of "peace" in the Middle East then the UN should be supported and respected.
    The 3 candidates for the Presidency should not be scared of upsetting the Jewish lobby, if it means regaining some respect in most of the rest of the world.
  2. I Dare PBS to Show True History of Islam
    Reader comment on article: PBS, Recruiting for Islam
    Submitted by Iqbal C. (United States), Jan 30, 2003 at 16:10

    I dare PBS to show true history of Islam. I dare PBS to show the brutal throwing out of two Jewish tribes of Medina from their ancestral homes and confiscation of all their lands and properties for ridiculous reasons ( like " God informed that you were planning to kill the Muslim prophet" and "your man humiliated a Muslim woman") and distribution of women and children to the Muslims as booty after massacring all 900 adult men of the last remaining Jewish tribe (supposedly angel Jibraeel ordered to attack them).

    Why didn't PBS mention that the prophet himself used to sleep with beautiful young ladies after killing their husbands, fathers and brothers like he did in the case of Rehana, Safia and Juavaria? Did PBS show that Muslims used to support themselves by attacking and looting trade caravans and peaceful non Muslim communities. Did they mention that the biggest incentive for jihadis was loot and booty which included captured women, sex with whom was okayed by Quran and the prophet. Did they inform the audience that the Prophet okayed slavery and allowed sex with slaves, and that he himself slept with slave girls. I dare PBS to show the true history of Islam.
  3. Because it's the Arab/Muslim world, not Israel that shares judeo-christian and western values. Because it's Israel that does not recognize the right of 23 arab countries to exist, it's 5.5 mln Israelis who want to drive 350 mln Arabs and 70 mln Persians into the sea, it's Israel that did not accept the UN partition resolution in 1948, it's Israel that said "No peace, no recognition and no negotiations" in 1967, it's Israel that refuses to establish diplomatic relations with almost all muslim states.

    Because if the US and the West dump Israel, the muslims will stop taking hostage and murdering hundreds of russian children in Beslan, will stop blowing up buses in India, will stop burning cars in France, will stop anti-cartoon riots in Denmark. Even Usama Bin Laden will ignore the presence of our troops in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, will disband Al-Qaeda and go back to his family business. Because we all know that if it was not for our support of Israel none of these events would have happened.

    Because their successes speak for themselves, their record during the last 60 years from the Middle East to Yugoslavia to Rwanda to Darfur etc is amazing, their integrity, fairness and evenhandedness is legendary. Because if you can't trust an organization representing the views of 150 theocracies, dictatorships and third world leaders/regimes - who can you trust, because if their human rights committee consisting of 20 islamic states and 20 african dictatorships and chaired by Lybia, Cuba or Sudan passes 200 anti-Israeli resolutions (and 0 anti-Hamas/Hisbollah/Sudan resolutions) these resolutions obviously represent the universal conscience of mankind
  4. Guys,
    things are changing or have you had your heads stuck in the sand for the last 20 years. It all takes some time, and there are setbacks every now and then.

    Religion is slowly coming to an end in some corners of the world, while still commanding a large part of the world population. However, there are large differences in e.g tolerance and aggressiveness with western/arab/abrahamic religions and oriental ones.

    All the shit about "us against them" ...
  5. Hahaha, my friend Ted Pike??

    You couldn't find a better neo-Nazi, White Supremacist, and Aryan Christian Akhenaton to serve as your spokeman? Apparently not!

    Pike maintains a broad-based network of anti-Semitic, white supremacist and conspiracy-theory oriented affiliations to broadcast his anti-Semitic message. Pike has given numerous interviews to anti-Semitic and racist radio and television hosts. For example, he has made appearances on the Internet radio show run by Daryl Bradford Smith, an American living in France who publishes articles on his Website that name "Zionists" as the "masterminds” of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

    He has been a guest on the Tennessee-based radio show, "The Political Cesspool," on which neo-Nazis and white supremacists regularly appear. Additionally, Pike has appeared on conspiracy-oriented Internet radio shows that often feature anti-Semites and extremists, including the “Jeff Rense Program,” and former Michigan militia figure John Stadtmiller’s “National Intel Report.” Pike has also appeared on “Current Issues,” a weekly cable television show hosted by Palestinian-American Hesham Tillawi, which regularly features Holocaust deniers and white supremacists.

    Pike has a long-standing affiliation with American Free Press (AFP), an anti-Semitic conspiracy-oriented newspaper that prints articles written by Holocaust deniers, racists, and conspiracy theorists and promotes groups, events, books, videos, and individuals espousing such ideologies and theories. Willis Carto, AFP’s publisher, founded the now-defunct Liberty Lobby, an anti-Semitic propaganda organization, and also currently publishes The Barnes Review, a Holocaust denial magazine.
  6. Pike is an AFP staff member, having served on its Western Regional Bureau since the Regional and International Bureaus were formed on October 29, 2001. He continues to serve on staff with several anti-Semites, conspiracy theorists, and Holocaust deniers including Mark Glenn, an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, AFP writer who authored a pamphlet blaming Israel for the September 11 terrorist attacks, the 2001 anthrax mailings and the Monica Lewinsky scandal. Pike also serves with George Kadar, an AFP reporter, associate of white supremacist David Duke, and active participant in the white supremacist Stormfront Internet forum. Another problematic figure that has served alongside Pike on the AFP Bureaus is Eustace Mullins, a prolific anti-Jewish propagandist.

    AFP printed one of Pike’s articles in its first issue in August 2001. In that same issue, the newspaper advertised Pike’s video entitled Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians, which premiered at a conference run by The Barnes Review. In addition to AFP reprinting and promoting Pike’s works, Pike authored an article “exclusive to AFP” in its November 5, 2001, issue. Michael Collins Piper, an anti-Semitic AFP writer, authored a praiseworthy review of Pike’s 2003 anti-Semitic video Why The Mid-East Bleeds, in the April 7, 2003 issue of AFP.

    Pike provides a link to AFP’s Website on the National Prayer Network (NPN) Website’s “Links” section. Pike also links the NPN Website to various other extremist Websites “as sources of further information concerning the thread of Zionist control.” These include links to Daryl Bradford Smith's site and to the site of Criminal Politics, a virulently anti-Semitic, conspiracy-oriented publication. He also “strongly recommends” visiting Web sites such as those belonging to the Arizona-based anti-Semitic group We Hold These Truths, the virulently anti-gay group Repent America, and Texe Marrs, a conspiracy theorist with a record of anti-Semitism.
  7. Just as Pike affiliates himself with the radio shows, cable TV shows, and newspapers of a variety of extremists, so too do extremists often post Pike’s articles and sell his videos on their own Websites. In July 2006, the now-defunct neo-Nazi National Vanguard Website featured an article, co-authored by Pike and its own staff, which claimed that Jews are plotting to control the content on the Internet and that Jewish-run telecommunication companies want to initiate policies that would favor Jews and other “protected minorities” over other groups. Numerous other extremist individuals and groups have posted his materials on-line, including conspiracy theorist Jeff Rense; Holocaust denier Ernst Zundel; white supremacist David Duke; the neo-Nazi Vanguard News Network; the virulently anti-Semitic Websites Jew Watch and Ziopedia; Western Voices World News, the news Website of the neo-Nazi European Americans United; the neo-Nazi National Alliance; and the Yahoo group of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement.

    Extremists have utilized Pike’s work in other ways. In 2005, the neo-Nazi National Vanguard produced an eight-part DVD entitled, The Dark Side of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) of B’nai B’rith, filled with anti-Semitic propaganda. Included in the DVD was Pike’s anti-Semitic 2000 video entitled Hate Laws: Making Criminals of Christians.

    When Pike produced The Other Israel (1987), a professionally made, anti-Semitic video, Louisiana white supremacist James K. Warner and the Institute for Historical Review, a Holocaust denial organization, offered it for sale. Though 20 years old, anti-Semitic individuals, groups, and Websites still promote and/or sell Pike’s video, including Holocaust denier Mark Farrell, Texe Marrs, the neo-Nazi National Alliance, and Ziopedia.