US adds ZERO jobs=QE III here we come

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  1. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has said the central bank will meet for two days later this month to explore whether more easing measures are needed.

    The economy has been looking quite fragile over the past month. Consumer confidence has plunged in the wake of financial market gyrations, and many economists say another recession is certainly possible.
  2. Too bad QE doesn't work... except for the inflation part.
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    ThAT = A vErY STRANGE way to write THE title
  4. there is huge oversupply of everything in the economy.

    the fed must print to prevent deflation.
    its a financial absurd for any american to work, when chinese can perform the same work 20x cheaper.

    the game will end when chinese will simply stop exporting their stuff to usa and europe.

    more probable scenario is chinese will demand western land and real estate in exchange for jeans, shoes and computers.

    also great civil unrest is sure in america during the next 3 years.
    the bankers should move their assets to places like singapore or monaco.
    which will pump prices there even more...
  5. So long as the government gives hand-outs equivalent to minimum wage or greater for NOT working.

    What we need is a "don't work, don't eat" policy. No perpetual "unemployment insurance". That way, people WOULD work... (We won't let people starve to death, but we could have them eating at soup kitchens instead of sending them money all the time.)

    Unfortunately, this is a necessary adjustment required from the globalization of labor in manufacturing/services.
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    that's the else you can reduce the debt,if you have ne intention to repay? just burn it via inflation
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    what we need is simple,effective, no or very low tax(simple flat tax,no loopholes or exceptions) business environment, so the companies would flow into US,not out. only they can create PRODUCTIVE jobs. they might be shitty,low pay jobs at the beginning,but everyone would be busy. creating\"saving" jobs in gvt sector is sure way to die.
    this country is dead,until we see those changes. extremely friendly business environment for small corps. that the one only solution, if you want to move on,innovate and prosper. so far-look like no one in DC is interested in that...
  8. Is the Fed not already QEing constantly by keeping interest rates artificially low?
  9. QEIII?? Are they seriously considering this? Don't these people have graduate degrees in economics? Did they pay attention in class? Why are they doing this?

    from this link, on the Aug. 2011 job report, take a look at the table, and compares that to their table, exactly 1 year ago

    both link compares real time job gains, as in not seasonally adjusted, now, is it my imagination, or is the job picture getting worse?

    But on the other hand, look at the revised June Job Report:

    both in the non adjusted GDP moving jobs, as well as the seasonally adjusted, such as manufacturing sector, the revised data shows more, reasonable gain in June 2011 compares to the initial data

    As well, the private sector gained more (see the table labelled revised) from the revised data compares to the initial released data
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