US 5yr Bond Auction Effectively FAILS

Discussion in 'Economics' started by tradingbug, Jul 29, 2009.

  1. Inverse relationship between treasury price and interest rates. This may indicate that the market demands a higher yield on the notes and/or the market is beginning to price in the impact of inflation in the market. Consequently, higher inflation is correlated with higher stock prices.

  2. Because Goldman is not ready to sell yet.

    25K went through on that news, no follow through afterwards.
  3. What an *** who doesn't deserve the podium he's given / made for himself (amazed he got himself on CNBC). 75B showed up to be tendered. Yes, it wasn't a record 96B last auction, but look over the history and the results are definitely inline. We're selling an aweful amount of debt, and there isn't a thirst for it like before since fear is ebbing. I say this is a good sign.