url.dll error - help!

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  1. On one of my laptops that has not been used for a few weeks, I get the dreaded blue screen when booting up. The windows XP main screen thing comes up and then when it looks like it's going to go into windows, I get a blue screen that says something like: the image url.dll is possibly corrupt. check header checksum does not match.

    That is paraphrased b/c the blue screen does not last long.

    Then windows tries to reboot (never actually getting into the windows screen) and it does this over and over w/ no end in sight.

    Can I fix something on my end or is this a take your computer in type thing?

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  3. Update - after googling till my eyes hurt, found 2 sites that helped.

    http://www.annoyances.org/exec/forum/winxp/t1062279245 (thanks to the person that provided the link)

    In the end I got into the computer but it will be reformatted shortly.

    What I did was rename the url.dll file (and subsequently the urlmon.dll), copy the clean .dl_ files, rename to .dll files. This computer is a Compaq and the files on their disk are .dl_ files (which took awhile to figure out).

    It's running but getting some .dll error messages on reboot, but I can at least get in and take what I need, which is not much. The main thing was getting into my Outlook and getting what I needed there which I am still working on as getting an error message there too...

  4. dude, I had that propblem 2 weeks ago. I found a reputable person in craigslist.org and he fixed it for $50.
  5. Took awhile and would have gladly paid someone $50 to do it had I known how long it was going to take...

    What a freakin nightmare.

    NO CLUE what caused this either. None.