urgent trading message re:hurricanes

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will 2 major hurricanes hit the us early next week?

  1. I think so based on current radar

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  2. I don't thnik so

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  3. since i'm not affected, I really don't care

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  1. very early returns has 2 major hurricanes hitting the us by early next week. As this is a developing story, markets have not yet taken into account impact of 2 major hurricanes. This is rare and will be very newsworthy within the next few days.
  2. You are fairly late to the party.
    Nat-Gas, as well as the oil service issues have been moving up everyday this week until today . . .

    The Nat-Gas market is getting CRUSHED this morning . . . DOWN 8%!

    APA -4.65
    DVN - 4.75
    EOG -5.00

    Oct. Gas just traded down to 7.88 on the inventory number. ( 102 Bcf build ).
  3. I lost 2/3s of my entire trading capital because of that ******* hurricane!!!

    1st on the rise when i tried to call the top 3x i got fucked!!!

    And then today, well i dont know what they hell was going on today and how on earth anyone was meant to actually consider selling down oil days before a major hurricane is going to hit the gulf!!!

    That fucked me again with my longs
  4. Mvic


    Looks like the predicted track for Gustav has changed and has it now stalling near Jamaica/Cayman so gas/oil is giving back all its hurricane premium of the week.

  5. Please please tell me what media source you have that gives you this news as soon as it breaks??? :/

    Because im so fucking fedup with having to find out the news 30mins after it happens, when its fucked me over!!!
  6. The Storm has never been that intense or fast moving to begin with ( currently moving at only 5mph ), with pressure around 983 MB.

    In fact, it has spent most of its time thus far as a TROPICAL STORM with winds below 74 MPH, than as a Hurricane.

    It's what has the potential to happen once it gets into the GOM and away from Jamaica, Cuba, etc. that is important.

  7. Fairly late? What planet are you living on? I watched the early news today and read this mornings papers, and they all mention only 1 hurricane as a story. But by tomorrow, they will realize that 2 monster hurricanes may hit the us simultaneously. A rare story, and a story that will be very newsworthy in a day or so.
  8. You've never heard of the National Hurricane Center? They post several "observations" per day on a specific schedule.
  9. Yeah ive been checking their website every 30mins since i started at 6.30am today, but not seen anything new updated.

    And the speed that the market reacts at it seems like every fking trader in an office has a headset with a constant live streming feed with what te weather is doing every second or instantly the seconds new news breaks.

    How the fuck are normal home traders meant to compete with that though, apart from just hope by luck that the are on the side of a trade at the time thatfavours what the news is!! :( :(
  10. Leave it to you to rely on reading the "morning" paper for your info.

    Duh . . . the energy sector is getting CRUSHED today!!!

    Have you taken a look at a Natural Gas quote today?

    Try DOWN 9%.

    The reason being, is that the energy markets had been moving UP ALL WEEK LONG in anticipation of the Tropical Storm Gustav.

    That's not to say that the energy markets can't reverse late Friday or early next week.

    And for what it's worth, Gustav is NOT yet a Hurricane. It is still a Tropical Storm. The winds need to be >74 MPH in order to get labeled as a CAT-1 Hurricane.
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