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  1. If one wanted to buy call options for Company XYZ, can one do it prior to market open, with a call option contract limit order NOW (queued)?

  2. Q12


    equity options open at the same time the stocks open... no pre-market trading that i'm aware of.
  3. Thanks Q. That's what I was afraid of.
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    You can enter an order for market or limit on calls before the market opens just like stocks. If you do a limit order, you won't get filled til the stock price hits your limit, just like stocks. Market orders get filled at whatever the market is when the bell rings.
  5. You must know something. What's the ticker?
  6. Are you trying to play DOW?
  7. feb2865


    Could be used as leverage for daytrading, let's say QQQQ???
  8. Tums


    he's short DNDN.
  9. Yes, it was a DOW play.

    It touched $49.50 in premarket trading, but this is crazy speculation from a tabloid.

    It's a dangerous rumor, coming from a tabloid. In fact, it's the 2nd rumor about DOW from this tabloid.
  10. Did you see the NCTY roller coaster today?
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