URGENT! Please recommend US stock broker that accept EU residents

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I urgently need a US stock brokerage account. What do you guys think are my best options? Right now I believe there is still some potential to make some good swing trades with some of the meme stocks, so I want to take my chance with them.

    Here are the requirements:

    - to accept EU residents
    - has good margin rates
    - good for swing trading and long-term investing
    - has options available
    - good customer support
    - good reputation

    I know that no broker is perfect, but I would like to hear from the community what is your experience. What brokers should I look into?

    Please don't recommend Robinhood or Webull, I need something more serious and besides, I believe they are not available in Europe.

    Thank you so much!
  2. DevBru


    Interactive Brokers.
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  3. BKR88


  4. Robert Morse

    Robert Morse Sponsor

    We offer equity/option accounts to EU residents.

  5. Tradex


    Why, and why is that so "urgent"?
  6. Hittfeld


    No way! Your Interactive Brokers account would be opened with Interactive Brokers Ireland. This also means no SIPC protection, but EU standard account protection of € 20k !!! And no trading permissions to trade US etfs, if you are a retail client -- but no PDT rule as well and kind of portfolio margin for every (even small) account.
  7. Hittfeld


    US based ETFs like spy, qqq or even tqqq?

  8. SunTrader


    Seawristly? And I bet the broker would need to take credit card transfers?
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  9. DevBru


    I don't worry too much about the safety of my funds with IB. The likelihood of them running away with my funds or going bankrupt any time soon is probably near 0. They probably are the safest retail broker out there, with or without any extra insurances.

    In my opinion the benefits outweigh the downsides by a huge margin.

    Also, not all European accounts are opened at IB Ireland.
  10. @all

    Thank you for the suggestions, I will look further into InteractiveBrokers as they have been on my mind.


    Thank you for your comment!

    No, I most likely will do a bank wire transfer. I never had a credit card in my entire life. only debit!

    What's wrong with trading meme stocks? I don't think it's illegal, after all, they are listed on an exchange and many institutional and retail traders are involved. If it has a price attached to it and it moves, that's good for me to take my chance. I get it, we're built differently and see risk differently, which is ok. But, be more open-minded to the opportunity in front of you!

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