!!URGENT!! Obama to Sign Away U.S. Sovereignty?

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  1. O. wants to sign a treaty that will sign away the sovereignty, livelihoods, and liberty of all Americans. Once this 'global warming' treaty is signed - - our Constitution will mean nothing, it will be superceded by this and nothing you vote in the future will mean a thing:


    Wake up everyone - - - - the clock is ticking.
  2. Forgot to add - - - please forward the link to everyone you know. Thank you, - -
  3. by law no treaty can supersede the constitution.
  4. Here's an hour and a half lecture on the topic:


    Notice he says don't believe anything (even what he says) but check it out for yourself and decide based on rational thinking - - -

    Well worth watching.
    (Please pardon all my posts, but I wanted to give people as much information as possible as a counterweight of all the propaganda. Thankfully an increasing number of Americans are seeing through this sham.)
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    Thanks for posting.

    The Agenda is Global Government.

    Americas top industrialists, politicians, bureaucrats and academics have not only ordained it, but forcefully engineered it, right under our nose, for the past 80 years!!

    The flouride-heads are unconscious. Lobotmized by Thimersol, American Idol and nightmares of Emmanuel Goldstien.

    Once the dollar bubble implodes, its humpty dumpty. Camelot gets ruined then all hell breaks loose.

    America withdrew from the ABM. Once Libertarians/Constitutionalists take back Government, America will withdraw from this BS climate change/One World Government Treaty, as well.

    Not without total chaos and bedlam, with much regret.
  6. Youre welcome.

    You know if you said there was an underlying agenda to me a couple or three years ago I would have dismissed that as outrageous. But the more you investigate some of these subjects, the more it makes you wonder. - - In the very least, someone is either grossly misinformed & ignorant, or perhaps driven by economic or political motivations. In any case, anyone who tries to shut down debate and rush things through out of an 'emergency' makes me extremely suspicious. (Recall the bailout & 'stimulus,' or rushing through the Patriot Act.) Regards, - - -

    P.S. - - I don't know if youve had the time to watch the full hour and a half lecture linked to above, but its really outstanding and worth the time & passing on to others.

    Link to website with petition to stop this:

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    What Constitution?
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    Run White Boy Run, Your World Is Comming To A End, LMAO :p

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