Urgent Mission for Gordon Gekko

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rs7, Mar 29, 2003.

  1. rs7


    Went and saw the movie "BASIC". Was really pumped to see it. John Travolta and Samuel Jackson.......

    Since my favorite "contemporary" movie is Pulp Fiction, with these same two guys, I was expecting something special. And it was. Fast paced, interesting, lot's of twists and turns. (and the SOUND!!!).

    But I need GG, who actually knows every character's name and nature in "24" to explain the end of the movie to me.

    I understand that Travolta (who was great) has been down this road of confusing the audience before (Pulp, Swordfish), but this one seemed to have some holes I couldn't plug.

    GG, go see it, so you can clue me in! Don't want to wait for it to come out at Blockbuster so I can watch it 10 times when I can get my answers quickly from you.