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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by William Rennick, Sep 2, 2008.

  1. My fellow ETer's, Baron and staff,
    After returning from a road trip which had me unable to post for several days I come back to a disturbing situation.

    The Urgent Message from Rennick thread has been closed. It appears that the fraudulant efforts of a vengeful rubberbird, using multiple alias's has convinced Admin. Joe to temporarily shut down the Urgent Message from Rennick thread until further investagation. Indeed multiple violations of ET policy have have occured in that thread recently. The major violations include:

    *creating and using multiple alias's

    *openly promoting and linking to a non-sponsor

    *flaming, including very disrespectful attacks on moderators.

    These violations have been carried out by the ETer formally known as rubberbird/mr.rowshwanz currently using multiple alias's ( thorn, ghostzapper, beep1, and port1385) in a coordinated scheme to shut down the Urgent Message from Rennick thread.

    Admin Joe, I welcome your investigation which will prove that all of the violations where committed by rubberbird and his gang of need to be banned alias's. Long ago Magna told me what the rules were, and I have followed them to a T ever since. You are rewarding the worst slime of ET instead of banning the bastard. That thread generated nearly a quarter million views so far, and was a thread that ET should be proud of.

    Rennick out

  2. Joe


    I sent you a PM.

  3. Im not the one creating long drawn out threads plagarizing calls from a pay $200 month website. Actually, either you are plagarizing the calls from that site or actively posting the calls to promote the site. You choose either option.

    You are in no way a legitimate trader, but instead, a snake-oil salesman trying to promote the pay site. What original trading strategies do you have that you have created on your own? Why bother reposting other people's calls? How about you answer these questions instead of talking smack to avoid addressing the issues?

    I think Baron is giving a lot of lattitude to you in posting these calls from the pay-site. This is EliteTrader not Elitereposting.
  4. beep1


    i applaud the lastest post calling for the removal of William Rennick's thread. the least this forum should do is to warn the guy in a public message and also move the thread to chit chat where it more appropriately belongs.

    willian rennicks posts do not contain any trading wisdom/ideas/etc. as stated even by himself, and "his supporters", the value of his thread is in entertainment (via insulting words towards others, and intimidation and manipulation of score holders).
  5. If anyone who hasn't been following closely would like to say what I've been having to deal with , read the above two posts, all lies, and click on the link that this maggot/moron claims is my web page. They are very likely alias's of each other . LOL.
  6. That is your myspace page. You are a pastor in Bellflower, California. Here is the evidence:

  7. Alright Sherlock, you caught me. nice piece of investigative work. Someone call in the Dog to hunt me down. Good luck though, will I hide in Canada or head down to Mexico? Hmmmmm