Urgent: Malware on elite trader?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by comintel, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Google has posted a Safe browsing advisory dated Dec 24 saying that there are 5 pages on Elite Trader pointing to malware on penetraterarest dot pro. (It should be obvious but do not go to this site or the other one mentioned below)

    It says that the site journaldugeek dot com is also involved as intermediary.

    Probably someone should search elite trader for these names.

    I am posting this from my IPad so as not to access the site on my pc.

    I know that this is referred to in the chrome problems thread but it seems very serious and probably not just a Chrome problem.
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    Thank you for the heads up, we are looking into it!

    So far I have not found
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    Same problem here since yesterday, fwiw already got malware warnings from RCG Girl's pictorium thread, although not lately
  5. I read that part before I moved on to post, but still, this is not good. Amazing that a site like ET would have enemies of this sort.:(
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    I already found the post that contained the problem and removed it earlier today. I also submitted the request to Google to remove the warning notice. Hopefully they will remove it quickly.
  8. Okay, cool, here i am thinking its something wrong with my computer. i kept wondering why everytime i opened firefox, i see a big red page with a warning up, but glad to know it looks like its under control now.
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    still getting the warning from foxfire
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