urgent help...in choosing a laptop

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    Purposes: wireless daytrading OUTDOORS and lighter than 4 lbs. to carry around everyday throughout the day.

    Choosing between:

    hp 2510p, (only vista, no XP Pro, 4200rpm)
    dell d430 (no optical)
    dell xps m1330 (only vista)
    ibm x61 (no optical)
    toshiba protege r500-s500 2x
    sony vaio tz150n (slow)

    thanks. open to other options.
  2. Gateway NX860XL. 2.1Ghz Intel Duo Core 2 chip. 100Gig HD, 2Gig RAM, fancy 3D video card etc $750 Shipped w/1 yr warranty.
    8.6lbs, but I love the SPEED!
    Can't wait to try trading on it.
    Just call Gateway and ask for a remanufactured notebook.
    I bought 2, 1 for my wife 1 for me.
    She got the 15" screen and really likes hers for design graphics.
  3. in all honesty...buy a $399 compaq...no, you do not need all the 'bells and whistles' of a $4,000 laptop...I've traded wireless many places on it...seriously
  4. I like both of the Dells, but I'm biased as I run a mostly Dell/HP/Compaq shop. Your weight requirement basically eliminates any of the larger screens that Dell has available for you to work from and that has been my only complaint with my 1330 for most of my uses. It's been relegated to backup duties for a while now. And actually, I'll be giving the unit to one of my nephews for Christmas.

    Sony units have proven to be a little tender to bouncing in the travel arena for most of the folks that I know who have used them. And it sounds like moving around will be a big consideration in your usage.

    As a long time power user, the difference of 4 pounds to 6 pounds is minimal. And I'm speaking from personal experience. I'd say, option in another pound or two (for whatever unit) and get a little more screen real estate. You'll appreciate it in the long run. :)

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    The biggest issue outdoors is actually being able to see the screen. My laptop is pretty much unusable outside because in sunshine it can not be seen and in shadow it reflects like a mirror...
  6. I went through this process a few months ago.
    In the end I dropped the weight consideration and went with a lenovo T61 with XP.
    It is far and away the best laptop I have ever used. The only shortfall is the volume is too soft, however a couple of tiny plugin speakers has given me an even better solution.
    The issue of using a laptop outdoors does raise the sunlight issue.

  7. I know this is a bit pricier of an option, but try the sony sz series. I am sure you can find something on ebay with XP still on it. The visibility on their screens is very good in all conditions.
  8. You dont need a laptop to papertrade.
  9. That's cold.
  10. I have the D430 with 32GB SSD and it's outstanding.
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