Urgent: Financials Trading (XLF, etc)

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  1. Which stocks are the strongest in the financials? The solvent and cash rich stocks.
  2. The "least weak".....consider small-market and middle-market banks with no derivatives exposure........the ones that have rejected TARP money.......they have a better chance of eventually becoming buy-out candidates. :cool:
  3. As somebody who has "read all financial books", you should know this. For us mere morals, the truth is that without access to board members and/or insider information there is no way to know the state of a bank's equity (not even to speak of if they can still be profitbale in the future).
  4. these are the best that i could find:

    osbc, stl, trmk, ubsi, wsbc. but not ready to buy.
  5. axehawk


    I would assume STI has massive exposure to the Florida real estate market.

    Can't be good going forward.
  6. Thanks very much. I needed those symbols. They are collecting XLF at a possible bottom.

    Busy now, will talk later.

  7. For the curious, I believe the bottom is imminent today Thursday at 2:45PM.
  8. With he exception of maybe UBSI, the rest are really weak. Weaker than XLF.

    Thank you for sharing.
  9. How can you say they are weaker when at least on my charts xlf's earnings are not shown.:confused:
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