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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by DDDD, Oct 26, 2007.

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    I am currently working for a blue chip company in trade control. I am on 35-40k.

    I dont see a future in this job and crossing over to trading internally is likely to take a few years with no guarantees.

    I recently received a job offer working for a prop firm at 25k for first year and then commission only after this. I would also theoretically be subject to a percentage of losses (although this has never been acted upon despite it being in contract).

    I am keen to start trading. Would you say this is worth a risk?

    This will be my third job in a year and a half so if this doesn't work out I wont look like a serious candidate for future jobs.

    All the same I think Im gonna go for it......I would appreciate advice!!!

  2. What kind of experience do you have trading right now? How many months/years have you been at it?

    I'm not familiar with trade control.
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    I have never directly traded. In trade control I work with the traders analysing their pnl's.

    The point of my first year at this company would as a trainee position to learn the ropes
  4. I think you should be asking yourself MORE questions than that.

    Why do you want to trade?
    Why have you had so many jobs already? Why not just trade on your own for a while and keep what you have?

    If you go in thinking "if it does not work out, then..." - Stay the hell away, you are set up to loose from day one.


    Also... that is ALL those guys get paid?