URE - Proshares Ultra Real Estate

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  1. is it time to get a small bite of this?
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    I'm in URE, I'm very bearish on this sector, but I had to jump in on URE, this etf looks extremely over sold anytime it trades between $4-$5. Aside from that SRS will look like a great buy if it drops below 52 week lows this week.
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    yep, big time resistance under $4, I would wait until it gets around 4.2 before jumping in, it had a big run yesterday.
  4. Are you guys treating URE as "buy and let it sit." In other words, buy it and check it in a year?
  5. you are just in time to be too late to the party.
  6. too late?? lol.. this was at 35 plus not too long ago, son.
  7. Daal


    I find it amusing that you judge value by dollar levels. like they mean anything

  8. i like the way you evaluate things. i can give you a lot of things that were a lot higher a year ago.
  9. Too say that I'm too late to the party is absurd! RE is close to a bottom, how is it too late? That's a rhetorical question by the way.
  10. really? the case schiller index says otherwise. we are still at 150 on that. if we were close to a bottom then that index would be close to 100-110....not 150. also you understand that real estate investment trusts have insane amounts of debt, right? you do know that commercial real estate is just starting to really feel the sting of the consumer pulling back. how do you think they are going to service all that debt with consumers not spending as much? how do you think all these guys are going to be able to refinance that debt with the credit market just beginning it's contraction?

    if you wanted to make a quick trade on the URE you are far too late because it has already run up too much. it's up almost 100% off the lows and you want to buy now....bad decision.
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