Uranus is lined up with Pluto.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by EtfTrader, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. EtfTrader

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    So I went long 115,000 shares QQQ Thursday

    Wish me luck next week. :D

  2. Please give us the exact price and time you went long.
  3. My what?
  4. Kap


    No clear siganls for me, been mostly overcast and cloudy.

  5. lol
    If you do not have a dog named Pluto, disregard this message.
    If you do, close your blinds .
  6. Walther

    Thats really good, LOL!!!:D :D

    True story.

    When I was in military we had several guard dogs, 8 rottwaillers and one german shepherd named Pluto. Guy named Sheppard was in charge of a kennel .
    One day I was looking for a sarge and when I asked about his whereabouts I was told " Sarge is at the kennel , but do not go there now, he is there f%$#ing Sheppard " ( which meant that he was giving hard time to the kennel keeper )
    Another soldier with disbelief on his face replied : " Sarge is f%^$ing Pluto ?
    Everybody was rolling on the floor in pain from laughter.
  8. That is just tooooooooo funny!!!! LMAO:D :D :D
  9. EtfTrader

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    Position is in green paint after today.

    Up $0.36/share = $42K.

    Big deal.
  10. When do we have to get out?
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