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    Hi, Ive been trying to find suitable instruments to trade Uranium in but so far have had no luck....I was wondering if anyone could give me some symbols for mining companies and/or uranium futures (if they exist)?

    the top 3
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    Thanks a lot for that...much appreciated.
  4. izeickl,

    if you are serious about playing this theme; check out James Dines newsletter. He is the expert. He has basically been calling uranium spot on for 3 years.
  5. Cameco and Laramide.
  6. Uranium Futures?? Oh God! Don't trade them! It's hell when you get delivered.
  7. Cameco (NYSE:CCJ)

    It has returned more than 100% in one year and it seems that it hasn't reached the distribution point.

    IBD gives it an A+.
  8. Tell me that was a bad joke.
  9. It's harmless :) Once you sep. the U-235...Watch OUT! Might glow at night....:D
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