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    While most of the attention is on oil, NG and gold these days there is a huge bull market playing out in uranium and uranium stocks. I'm constantly surprised how little attention is paid to it. Here I've only seen p2 mention it (to his credit he's been in for atleast a year).

    I haven't found a comprehensive list of uranium stocks as very little trade on US exchanges. Most are on Canadian and Australian ones.

  2. Those stocks are too thin. Most here prefer to lose their money in crap that doesn't move but trades 10 mil shares a day!
  3. There's also USU. They're mentioned on CNBC and in the WSJ once in awhile.

    The announcement of govt support for new nuclear power a couple months ago sparked a rally in the utility EXC.
  4. CCJ - about $50 MM worth of volume a day
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    There's a tiny one in the UK with a promising uranium site in Finland. The company's called Agricola Resoures and is traded on the www.ofex.com market.

    Horrible bid/offer spread though but these stocks can really motor with the wind behind them.....
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    At least Toronto’s Cameco (CCO) is listed on NYSE as CCJ, and does not trade as thinly like the others.

    Anyway, you inspired me to start a new thread:


  7. I have been long quite a bit of uraniums for a year and a half now. The ones to really look out for are:

    Denison Mines
    Energy Resources of Australia
    Maple Minerals
    UEX Corp
    Northern Continental Resources
    International Uranium Corp
    Laramide Resources (a nice breakout recently)
    Hornby Bay
    Summit Resources

    Those that have not broken out are still in the drilling and resource securing phase. Others like Laramide have been valued at over $35 per share with their recent findings and acquisitions.

    I have not played oil at all. I haven't needed to. I believe uranium is something to behold. It went from $7.50 per pound when I got in until recently it was under contract for $30.75... a new high. Worth looking at.
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    Careful on USU, it has issues.

    Add Strathmore Minerals to the list.
  9. I think Bro has it right. USU is a disaster-- It is unownable.

    Add STM.V to any list of co's to own. That's the only one I have been adding to recently.

    That said, I' have 5 and 10 baggers in these and I'm selling almost every day. Sold about half so far and continue to offer out a few thousand shares of most names every nickle up.

    Move is too big-- but the shares are still pretty cheap compared to cash costs and resources. Keeping a few for a blowoff move over next few years.
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    Another nice day for Uranium stocks.
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