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  1. What do you all think of these 6 months or so after the Japan crisis ?

    I just bought some DNN last Monday @$1.49 and think thats a great price. Willing to buy 1000 more shares if it drops lower.

    I'm thinking that Uranium will be a slow mover in the next 6 months but eventually its spot price will continue to rise with increasing demand.

    I think this is a stock for the long term. Buy a few thousand shares, and let it sit for a few years. With any luck double or triple your money.

    Thoughts ?
  2. Yes, I have been looking to buy some stocks in this sector also.

    It looks like many Uranium stocks have been moving down steadily since the unfortunate events at Fukushima, Japan – With the 50 and 20 SMAs steadily moving below the 200 SMA, more or less.

    On a more fundamental note, look at what happened last summer to this sector. These stocks started moving up in the late July/August period. Ben Bernanke’s QE II announcement at Jackson Hole just helped them move up and up for weeks after that!

    It should be interesting to see what happens. It may be a shrewd move to have an eye out on this sector in the weeks ahead.

    And of course, Ben’s back at Jackson Hole!
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  4. To be fair, the sector did get slammed in 2008, big time. If we are heading for a turbulent Fall, then they may be getting hit again...
  5. To be fair, uranium stocks did get destroyed in 2008. It looks like the Fall period is especially volatile for these uranium mining juniors...
  6. If you chart the juniors they all pretty much trade in step with each other, so I dont think you can go too wrong with DNN, URRE, or URZ, but I'd personally prefer CCJ or URA (the ETF).

    Germany is like 5% of the world consumption of Uranium, and what they say they will do in 10+ years and what they do in 10+ years are not necessarily the same. Wait til Germany figures out how reliant on Russia for natural gas they will be ...

    I'm long CCJ/DNN with stock and LEAPS.
  7. Very true. It will be interesting to see how that plays out...
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    I bought urre and urz after fukashima, they were hammered then and they are even more hammed now. I am holding on to them as I think will come good.

    At the moment they are 5% up on a SPX rally day and then 5% down on a risk off day.

    I should really buy some more.