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    Please have a look at the following link: Build long-term positions in Uranium stocks

    Which is considered favorable for the Uranium stocks, the victory of Democrats or Republicans?

    In other words, will the winning of Democrats or Republicans be good for the Uranium stocks?
  2. How does it matter who wins? How can energy depend on politics? We have light, water etc., whether we have governments or not?
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    A good question, SuperCruz. However, it does really matter, as if you see the present US elections, you will notice that nuclear energy does play a big role.

    Democrats are basically more inclined to "environment issues" and would rather use renewable sources of energy than nuclear as they would like to avoid nuclear accidents which can be disastrous for environment, and health besides the security threats from terrorists.

    Republicans basically are more pressing for “alternative energy sources” like solar, water, wind and even including nuclear, which they feel that shall help US achieve energy independence.

    Both aims to reduce oil imports and are ready to spend billions for doing so. However, the Democrats do not want to spend building nuclear reactors which are an expensive, time consuming and hazardous experience. Another factor is that Uranium that is used in nuclear reactors is not a renewable energy source, which is another point for democrats to be against nuclear energy.

    Moreover, another major factor is ever since the 1979 accident of the Three Mile Island plant in Pennsylvania; there were no plans for a new nuclear plant has been filed. Only last year, things are changing and new plans might be in the anvil as even the anti-nuke people have started considering “nuclear power”. Opposition against nuclear energy has definitely watered down the years.

    For more information, please see the following links:

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  4. In order to speculate on uranium it's smarter to buy the future that's traded on NYMEX. There's less downside risk from project delays and overspending for which the nuclear industry is notorious.
  5. The Three Mile accident reminds me of other nuclear accidents that made an impact the world over and caused a lot of ramifications (socio-economic and political) for the country involved. An interesting point is that the majority seems to have occurred in America, no wonder; it has an important influence in the elections.

    Please see the following:

    Map showing accidents of world


    America related











  6. Okay, I accept that it has an affect. Can we state what will be the outcome, since it seems that the Democrats are on a winning path?
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    How can energy NOT depend on politics???

    Uranium should be a long overall, for 2 reasons. There is actually a peak uranium, although most people don't know that uranium is a non-renewable resource. Also it is a viable alternative to peak oil, and when the US government realizes that the Iraq occupation doesn't solve the energy problems they finally will greenlight new nuclear reactors....
  8. Agreed that Uranium can affect politics, now let us discuss as to what shall be the effect a) if Democrats win or b) if Republicans win.
  9. Since, the democrats are on a winning trail, can we hope for the renewal of the electric and hybrid cars? Hope more efforts shall be done for solar, wind & water energy devices.
  10. What is the position now? What can we expect?
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