Uranium Short Sellers Make Record Bets Against Cameco, Market

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  1. Uranium issues are getting hammered. Looks like Dines Letter subscribers are holding a falling knife.

  2. Falling knife?

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  3. I wouldn't quite call them uranium short sellers. The bigger problem is that ccj doesn't really make all that much money off its uranium business, and much of their sales is already hedged out at much much lower prices than spot.

    i guess this cigar lake mine is where its all at.. but look at current statements...

    i'm not in the stock... but its probably closer to fair value here.
  4. Nope, you're not in the stock. Just shooting your mouth off. Evidenced by what? 1400 posts in year.

    Value? This is a trading site.. That should go without saying. SHOULD. Yet "it" keeps coming up. Can YOU really gauge value? Or...........just your pithy two cents worth.

    I've now put up TWO charts on this thread. Same industry. Two completely different stocks. Note I wrote "stocks" rather than companies. One I own. One I don't. Shirley.........oops surely you can guess which.

    As for the one I own, I don't know, nor care what they "earn" What I do know is earnings make for a good 4x a year catalyst. In the specialist/market maker's sphere, a great little alibi to move paper.

    I suppose I could rationalize away that 2 little pellets of uranium equates to one ton of coal ( irrespective of sulphur content) in terms of power output to turn generators (with the drawback being disposal). That doesn't matter either.

    Flavor of the day.

    Shall we delve into how effectively you extract profit by gauging value, or just leave well enough alone? I'm all ears............oops, I mean eyes.
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  5. CCJ is down $8.00 since July 15, so those calls are pretty cheap now. :D
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