Uptick Rule

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  1. Will the implementation of this rule effect the behavior of markets? Will the rule be applied to futures?

    How fucking sick is it that the gov is always trying to fuck with free markets???? Do they think that Leh and BSC and FNM and FRE and MER and GM and F and GE and etc etc would have all been doing great if you couldn't short their fucking stock?!?!? Makes me sick... they just said the public is too scared to invest until the uptick rule is in place. The fucking public are sheep... they have all their fucking money already in the market you dumb fucks. Always looking for some bullshit easy fix.

    Anyways I'm pissed because this is how I make my living. I am really hoping that this doesn't change the way the markets act making the market act like a jackass.
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  3. You ain't making much of a living daytrading stocks and obviously are somewhat of a newbie if you get upset over the Uptick Rule coming back. Any experienced daytrader/scalper would be happy.
  4. Good. Why not just delete it? I see you are taking your cues from the gov.
  5. Yes. I am a newbie. Full time for two years. Not sure about the "not making much of a living" part. Bought a new home in January from my profits in 2008.

    True I will make even more this year but I can't complain. I assume you consider making a good living at over 7 figures. Congrats on your success.
  6. I've been doing this for 11 years, and I don't want the uptick rule back.

    Why would any active trader want a rule that restricts trading?
  7. You have got to be kidding me.
  8. Gee, I dunno, maybe because it is easily exploitable?
    I don't know what your style of trading is, but in my experience the best trading strategies are about taking advantage of inefficiencies as the risk/reward ratio is heavily in your favor. I've only seen this confirmed more and more as time goes on and the world gets more & more competitive.

    Quite a lot of guys made a lot of money from the uptick rule, a few even made a little over a million in about two years.
  9. ANACONDA: Don't you mean the no uptick rule.
  10. Anaconda is clown. Don't even respond to him. He is obviously confused.
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