Uptick Rule Gone Tomorrow

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  1. So I'm correct that all stocks on the NYSE will trade like REG-SHO stocks tomorrow? This is how the SEC's statement makes it seem, but can't find anything clear on the NYSE's website.
  2. Is this true?

    Why do you suppose they would get rid of this? Very interested in thoughts on this. Of course I have my own ideas but will STFU and listen to yours.
  3. read and see

  4. So I guess the groundwork for the downturn has been laid out. The powers that be needed this ammendment in place so they don't get fucked like a housecat trying to get out. They will be the first ones out now, and a few chosen guys on here (no names necessary) will be the last.

    This is such a leading indicator it is so blatant.

    You dip buyers better change to a lighter roast, has more caffeine!
  5. Where have you guys been?

    From another thread, dated 6/30/07...
  6. Yeah, a discrete underpinning is gone.
  7. AAA30


    Correct me if I am wrong but the uptick rule in no way prevents "the powers that be" from getting out. It would affect the amount of slippage that they would incur when doing so.

    Anyways it will be interesting to see how this effects trading patterns and habits.

  8. I really doubt they are using this as a catlayst for a stock downturn the no downtick rule fom I have seen has been very good at stabliising aggressive downmoves and stopping them (with some notable exceptions) into whole scale routes.
  9. I meant uptick rule of course
  10. I fully expect to make millions now that the uptick rule is history.

    I'm making up my list of things to buy (not stocks, stuff with the profits) right now.

    I've been waiting for this for 45 years.
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