Upsides and downsides to publishing a system on Collective2?

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  1. Has anyone experienced any downsides with putting a system on Collective2?

    Would this dilute a trading edge?

    On the flip side, would it enhance profitability by creating more market pressure in the direction of your trade, as the subscriber auto trades are placed in the same direction?
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    There was a thread on this recently where all your questions are discussed. Too lazy to find the link but you should be able to search quite easily.
  3. I think it really depends on the system and the market. What is your average percent profit per trade? I feel if that is your concern you shouldn't even consider publishing it. However you can always try to monitor the effect of it, in case you do get enough subscribers.
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    The main downside are the fees charged by C2. The other one is that there are no investors over there but mainly gamblers. To not mention that You will not have any controls on the contracts traded once You will get some subs.
  5. Now I wonder what are the fees? Shouldn't the fees be a barely minimum for system publishers?
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    trade leader: monthly fee & 50% of what developer earn from subs.
    investor: autotrading fee & sub system fee.

    The results of those changes that came recently (especially the 50% fee on what developers earn ) have been less valuable systems available on the platform and an exodus of many investors which went to others places. Right now is a huge waste of time & money without mention the many loopholes available on the platform. (such as limit fill on price touch, astronomical return with tricks on option trading and many others that the owner always refused to address )
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    I am managing an option strategy on Collective2 called "Tasty Plays". The stategy is really successfull with an annual return around +23% and a maximum drawdown <10%. After 13 months I have a bunch of subscribers but I really had to wait 1 year to get enough subscribers to compensate the fees I already paid to Collective2. So a lot of patience and of course a very successfull strategy are needed to attract subscribers. Furthermore, as already mentioned, Collective2 keeps 50% of the subscribers fees... On top of that, if I want to trade my own system, which would increase the credibility of my strategy, I have to pay 49$ autotrading fee... If anyone knows a good alternative to Collective2, let me know. Thanks.
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    I think Isystems could be a valid alternative to C2.
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    Thanks! Has anyone experience with iSystems? It seems that it is necessary to apply formally to become a developer.
  10. No experience with it. Since you are only trading option WealthSignals is not an option for you. Maybe that will change in near future. Here is another one but I am not sure if they do options: worldcupadvisor
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