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  1. I need to get New UPS Back Ups that will keep me up and running during for the entirety of normal market hours rather than just minutes in the event of power failure. The reason is basically due to having open positions during the past week and power going and having to close positions without stops/targets being hit due to the uptime of my present UPS only to see my original trades hit my profit targets when I got back online later in the day. If I was to have a few of these incidents during the year the yearly loss would be better spent on investing to insure an incident like this does not occur again. I am looking for recommendations as to what to buy that fits my purpose. I am running 2 pc's, trading pc dell precision and back up pc dell dimension 9200, 2 routers, 4*24" dell ultrasharp monitors, 2 phone lines, 2 set of speakers, printer, tv. Any recommendations from the traders here?

    Thank you
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    if you are not in a highrise, consider a generator.
  3. If in high rise, or in an office building, get the APC Smart UPS with battery extensions.

    Can last whole day.
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    I'm rapidly becoming fully automated, I could do everything in real time hours on a laptop. I think that is the answer, laptops and small UPS's. With a wireless card I could take it to the restaurant if I have to keep an eye on it, power goes out just head home and plug it into the UPS.....
  5. If there is a major out like that, your isp will also be out in your area, so your computer will be on with no internet
  6. I always thought this would be cool to put together: Get a couple large "deep cycle" 12V batteries (in plastic battery boxes), like trolling motor batteries, a good charger and a good heavy duty 120VAC inverter.

    Wire the batteries together (in parallel) with pre-made 12V starter cables, connect the charger and inverter to the batteries, plug the charger in the wall and plug in your computer equipment to the inverter.

    You don't need an UPS, because the inverter is always powering the computer and the charger is plugged into the wall and always charging the batteries. When the power goes out, just the charger quits working. The inverter will keep the computer stuff going.

    Something like this should keep the computer running for days. A very good inverter is a little expensive though.

    And in my case, since I have satellite internet, I wouldn't care if the local phone and ISPs were out.

  7. Not being funny but isn't that what a UPS does anyway, just with lower capacity batteries?
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    There are different configuratons for UPS's, ones that power everything from the wall but switch in instantly and ones that power everything from the inverter in the first place. The latter is better because if your inverter is going to fail you will find it out when the power is good and you can plug your setup into the wall and restart and send the thing off for repair, the ones that kick in when needed can be inoperative and you won't know it until they are needed unless you test them often and they still could fail when needed even if they pass the last test.

    The whole enchilada would be a big UPS that could hold up all day like Mr. Chan recommended and never glitch your power, and a multi WAN hardware firewall [Hotbricks work and are not impossible for an amateur to set up] that would combine DSL and/or Cable, and Satellite internet feeds.
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    the problem is, only a few inverters produce a true sine wave...

    Most of the inverters produce a "modified" square wave; depending on the quality of your electronic equipment's power supply, it might get fried by the square wave in prolonged use.
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