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    Since I've been getting some seriously good advice on this board lately, I'll try and push my luck one more time. This only relates to trading indirectly, but I listed it here so initially, it can get the most views before the mod. moves it to chitchat.

    Today was the last straw. Since I trade from Hawaii, it's no secret what time I have to wake up in the morning. Waking up is not my problem, staying awake is. Between 4:00 and 6:00 am (prime time) is deadly for me. If the market is lagging and my ass is hurting from sitting so much, I'll face my monitors toward the couch and bounce between them and the TV.

    I've been going short since Monday and covering just waiting for this drop. Sat down on the couch at the time of the first bounce (10:00 am EST) thinking to jump on it as soon as the bounce begins to fail. Well you guessed it, I passed out and woke up to see the ES down 15 points. AAAaaargh! Now I'm in no way suggesting that I would have capitalized on it, but just the fact that I missed the opportunity really pisses me off. And this is not the first time it has happened.

    I need a recipe for some kinda drink or smoothy that is strong enough and hopefully healthy too, to get me thru this period. Coffee, redbull, soda, etc., doesn't do it for me. When I used to work iron a lot of us would pop or ingest anything to make us go faster. I'd like to keep this recipe healthy and legal if possible.

    Please don't laugh, this really discombobulates my trading rhythm and day. Any help...um...will help. Thanks.

  2. lol , i know what youre saying. i get tired too while staring at this computer for hours.

    ever tried taking like a 20minute power nap during midday ??

    this usually works for me. i read a study one time that said a 20 minute nap gives people energy like they slept for 8 hours.
    now stretch that nap into 2 hours and it might not work. lol

    or try redbull and vodka :D
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    I have a similar problem, I am on the west coast, but am not much of a morning person. I find that if i get up around 6 and then trade till 9 or so, then take about 20-30 minute nap, I am refreshed and ready to trade again.

    I personally do not like to take anything during trading that will affect my mind (i.e. coffee, redbull etc..), I feel that although they will keep me awake, the trade off is that they usually make me far to jittery and end up in me making some weird trading decisions and oftentimes bad ones.

    I feel your pain though, changing your sleeping schedule is a real nuisance.
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    Vicodin :D

    oh wait, you said you want to stay awake :p
  5. You could PM Ken_DTU. He is in Hawaii. He might have a tip or two.
  6. ...I trade from California, up at 5:00, make breakfast, set up the software, ready for the 6:30 open. Here are some suggestions:

    - while you are building up those longer term positions, scalp futures just for fun and small profits, if necessary in another index than the one you longer term trade (make it sporty with a few contracts, guaranteed to keep you awake)

    - work on system development, watching one minute bars gives you lots of (mostly bad) trading ideas

    - read your favorite fiction

    - learn to play a musical instrument, or practice the one you know

    - exercise or lift weights

    - keep another connection open and surf porno sites

    - waste your time posting here

    - if you are REALLY making a lot of money, hire someone to come over and keep you company in a way that keeps you alert.
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    Unfortunately, 4:00am (10:00 EST) to 6:00am seems to be my power nap time.
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    We used to take the train for a few stops after a long night out before trading in CA! CHOOOOOOOO CHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
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    For all your keep alert needs: http://www.thinkgeek.com/caffeine/

    From caffeine mints, power coffee, weird Asian keep awake drinks to caffeineted ice cream syrup, soap and bubble gum. Some hella strong stuff here.
    Might I suggest, Wake up, shower with caffeinted soap, some caffeine syrup over your morning pancakes, then snack on caffeine mints, and numerous cups of coffee with added caffeine syrup throughout the day.
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    I REALLY love this idea. My babysitter is really considering this idea. My wife REALLY hates this idea.
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