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  1. Hi @Baron, I am wondering whether it is possible to upload posts to a specific thread or whether you might consider providing such through an API or the like. I thought that one of the things that this site lacks is trading journals where users post trades in real-time. It would be an interesting feature in my opinion, as others can follow along and because it is probably the most honest way that someone can be held accountable for claims of taken trades. I know some sites that allow such but given the large audience of traders and beginners alike, I thought it might garner interests from others as well specifically on this site. My trading platform is capable of submitting trades to a compatible API in real-time, whether algorithmic trades or manually entered trades. Manually creating posts for each trade gets quickly so tedious and time-consuming that it defeats the purpose of posting near real-time.

    There are potential issues of abuse by individuals or bots that might spam threads but I think some simple measures might mitigate such risk, such as only allowing users to "auto-post" in threads they themselves created and abusive users can get banned or blocked for some time.

    I am also asking others what they think of such an idea as well...
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    As a general rule, I don't like to compete with the services of my advertisers and several of them like Jigsaw offer trade uploading and journaling, contests and leaderboards, etc. so I prefer to stay out of that zone.
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    This forum is just a discussion forum.

    If ET starts trying to do what a few brokers out there are currently doing...that's an entirely different business model...verification of the trade performance of its traders.

    The few brokers doing such are doing it at their own forum. Also, there's privacy concerns and stability problems with those that are doing such via an API...websites have been hacked, accounts have been hacked, websites have gone offline for several hours/days, servers that trades pass thru have gone offline and such.

    Further, there's other issues when the above occurs...you're talking about a lot of potential legal issues when other users are not able to place their trades (entries or exits)...millions of dollars of litigation.

    Regardless, to be able to follow along or held accountable as you call it...EVERY member or EVERY trader that post trades at this forum must be all held to the same standard that the forum management dictates as the standard.

    I strongly doubt every member will agree to such. Good luck with that. :D

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