upload speed differences?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by lendbz, Oct 15, 2005.

  1. lendbz


    So i was running a few different connection speed test to see how fast my dsl connection is, like this one:

    Now i ran the test on my winxp machine,
    my down speed is ~800kbps and up speed is a little over 700kbps
    than i ran the test on my win2k machine,
    the down speed is ~800kbps as expected, but for some reason the up speed is ~450kbps, almost 300kbps slower than my win2k machine.

    They should be the very close since they are both behind the same router using the same dsl connection service, and when i ran the test no applications were on that would be interfering with the internet speed. I ran the test a few times and with serveral other tests and it's still the same result. And it's the same result too with another of my win2k machine that is behind the same router and same connection. So I assume there must be some settings in win2k that prevents the up speed to reach the ~700kbps that i got in my xp machine? Does anyone know what setings I need to change in my win2k OS so that the up speed reaches what it's supposed to be?

    FYI, my win2k machine does have only pc100 512mb memory and is only a thunderbird 800mhz whereas my xp is athlon64 3000+ and has pc3200 1gig memory. But I don't think they make any differences at all with connection speed...


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