upload speed 1/10th of download

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by silk, Mar 29, 2009.

  1. silk


    My cable modem seems to have a max download speed of 10MBS but the upload speed is only about 1MBS. Is this normal? Will this give me problems trading? I have recently switched to a new location and will be trading again soon at these speeds. Will this be good enough for quote package and execution package to run ok?
  2. Yes you'll be fine, and yes it's normal. Most ISPs like screwing their customers on the upstream.
  3. Yes it's normal. Download ping plotter dot com and ping your broker. Latency/ping are generally more important than speed. The speed you have is more than enough.
  4. It's fairly normal.

    That having been said, always make sure that if you use a Router, that it is the latest version and in good working order.

    I've seen Router's that will "cap" your download speeds because they don't have the "through-put" capability.
  5. I think ISPs are trying to discourage their customers from any significant uploading, to save bandwidth...
  6. JB3


    It's pretty normal. But you can always pay more to upgrade your download/upload or have dedicated line. If you need that kind of execution speed, it is more about the distance you are to the exchange...less nodes to jump through.
  7. DanishFK


    As already mentioned you should be more concerned about response time instead of bandwidth/download speeds.

    Generally you get better response timings with DSLs and higher speeds with cable.