Upgrading Vista to Windows7

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by peregrinecap, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. Hello,
    could someone let me know if it is free to upgrade Vista to Windows 7? and where can I download the upgrade/installation file?
  2. LeeD


    The free upgrade offer oinly covers certain models purchsed shortly before Windows 7 came out, say, last summer. If your computer is older than that you may have to purchse Windows 7.

    To see if you are eligible for an upgrade the best thing is to check the manufacturer's Web-site or enquire with their support. The manufacturer may be able to send you a installation CD if you are eligible.
  3. What would be the advantage in doing that?
  4. cstfx


    Vista to 7? Significant. Less resources. Better memory control. More built-in driver support. 64-bit better (new standard) than 32 bit version.

    But still best to roll it back to XP.
  5. Can I rool it back to XP free of charge? Thanks
  6. Some computers, especially "business class" ones, came with "downgrade rights to WinXP". If you have one of those, contact your computer maker and they should be able to provide you with an XP installation disk... you'll have to do a fresh install, however.

    If that's not the case, you can buy a retail version of XP. It will be transferable to a different computer if you wish... unlike an OEM version which is "tied" to the first mobo it's installed upon.. theoretically.