Upgrading to Verizon FIOS

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  1. I've currently been using Time Warners Cable modem service for a little over 3 years and have to say its really reliable, decent speed, and for the most part low enough latency to enjoy online games with my kids, and superior trading performance. Verizon's new fiber optic service is now available in my area 20Mb down and 5Mb up my current interspeed is about 5Mb down and 768kb up anyone have any feed back about Verizons service? mostly in terms of actual speed and reliability is it worth the upgrade? Not to mention its also $10 cheaper than my cable internet service.
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    Argh! I would kill to get Verizon, it's a great deal, but they don't have it in my area and don't seem to have any plans to. But from what I've heard, it's very impressive and reliable, but that's only a second-hand opinion of course.

  3. I have verizon fios for over a year now, 15 mb/3 mb plan for 44.95 dollars. I also have roadrunner for 7mb/768 plan as well. I don't see any speed difference during normal browsing but when downloading fios makes a big difference.
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    As an engineer, my bosses are constantly telling me to separate the commercial side of a project from the technical. No Can Do most of the time....

    But maybe the fact that Verizon is spending thousands on each installation in Suburbia is a non-issue. I'll let them think about it. I love my installation - with a few exceptions.

    First the exceptions. We live in an area where hurricanes may take the electric out for days on end. Better do (as I have) and make provision for supplementing the short (2 hour?) power pack if you want the same kind of connectivity security you get with copper.

    Secondly, if you are a road warrior, your eMail may not follow you. I cannot log on (from Italy and China) because the Veizon server will not authenticate the foreign ISP.

    The Verizon web mail has an excellent address book, great space (1 gig) and no eMail reciept verification facility. If I need a receipt I use Roadrunner, which has no address book, and only 20 meg of message sace.

    When I compained to RoadRunner tech suport, they told me to go to Yahoo or Gmail. Go figure.

    Trading speed on the road can be a real issue. Can't wait to get back to the glass!

    About installation:

    A Verizon contractor has dug up (cut) my cable twice, which requires an expensive in-the-field splice , and cut my back-up copper line once. All times support was immediate. One time I had four Verizon trucks in my yard with a Division Manager present. Great Support!

    Some techies have complained about poor, generic answers to technical questions, ut if you call tech suport and let them know yo know a router from a modem, they will work right with you.

    Go for it! (I will keep RR as a backup for the next digup!)