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  1. I am updating an older PC and want to increase ram.

    Currently the machine has 512MB on a pair of 256 "Non-parity DDR PC3200" modules. Machine has 2 more empty slots.

    I would like to add at least 1gig on top of this -- can I just buy one 1gig module, or should I get 2x512? Is 1.5 gigs an "odd" amount?

    Finally, is crucial.com a decent place to order ram?
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    if it's really old computer like P3 or P2-it may not support 1Gb. for my old P3 Dell dimension 4100 512 is max.you have to check motherboard manufacturer.also you have to check latency.
    good places to buy from my expirience is newegg.com and tigerdirect.com
    if there is 2 more slots-just buy 2 more of 256 from ebay. they should be around $20-25 each
    2x512 should work with 2x256
  3. I like 4allmemory.com the best, good prices awesome service, no I don't work there.
  4. It's a P4 2.8ghz, max supported 4Gs. I had thought this machine had at least a gig when we bought it but *shrug*.

    Does it matter if I add 512x2 or 1Gx1? Is symmetry an issue here? Sorry hardware noob here.
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    What OS are you adding RAM to?
  6. XP
  7. Do you really need it? Many trading setups will work at max speed with only 512. If you add extra RAM but it goes unused, it's just a waste. Task Manager will tell you for sure.
  8. It's a good question; I had assumed I had a gig on this machine but checked for sure because of my problem with IB TWS slowdowns and saw it was just 512MB.

    I run Realtick and TWS simultaneously with WinXP, my available physical memory at times shows under 30MB. I know that my quotes issue is probably not a memory issue (since it also occurs on my 2gig machine), but just wanted to be safe.
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  10. How can that be? Kingston doesn't know what apps you run...
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