Upgrading quality of input in Elite Trader threads

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Option Trader, Jun 13, 2006.

Should ET enable thread starters to request side stuff be exported to chit chat?

  1. Worthwhile, as ET and its members will gain.

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  2. No difference to me, as I use ET to kill time anyway.

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  1. IMO,
    The chit chat that occurs in the middle of a trading thread damages Elite Trader because:
    a) members become less focused & less motivated to say something intelligent.
    b) it takes forever to siphen through previous threads therefore the needs of the traders are less served.

    Therefore, I propose there should be a link called "export" (next to "complain") to enable requests to export a carbon copy of the thread to chit chat to enable "thread deviators" to handle their stuff there.

    Even if initially there would be a bit more work for the moderators, I believe Elite Trader will gain by more clean & valuable threads, and more sponsorships.
  2. Now you are telling the moderators what to do? I am sure they have a routine for this.

    The moderators decide what is good for ET and they do not need your help. If they want to make a new thread for the slop they will...if they want to delete posts they will...if they want to ban someone they will...

    The next thing your going to request is the ability to do this proposed export function.... YOURSELF!

    What is wrong with the CURRENT system that ET has? don't you like the moderation here..?

    And dont tell me this crap that you want to make it easier for the Mod's by giving them streamlined choices...It's not your place! ET has survied all of this time without you Option Trader, and is the #1 trading site, so do not fix what works.

    And I personally do not want to sift through duplicate threads easily made by inexperienced Mod's...

    Would you quit trying to re-invent the wheel.

    Michael B.
  3. TRS


    Like everything in life. Sift the wheat from the chaff.
  4. For you own sake, perhaps Google the difference between a "suggestion" versus "telling" someone what to do.

    This forum is called "feedback"; ET is the best because they are proactive. Being the best doesn't mean take a vacation.
  5. I think a good way to upgrade the quality of the threads is to have an "ET SURVIVOR"

    Every month ET members vote on who gets "BANNED FOR LIFE". The member with the most votes is then banned for life. You can get immunity from the monthly vote if you post a winning trade.
  6. LOL. Thats pretty funny ff. I am all for anything that helps the quality of the threads but I think it is impossible for the moderators to review every post which is what it would take. I suggested self moderated threads which quicklly got shot down but my idea is for ET to have a blog section where people moderate their own threads. Nobody would have to go to that section if they did not want to so nobody would be forced to view any threads. These would not show up on the main board but would stay in the background like chit chat so only people who wanted to go there would. Threads with no posts in a few days could be eliminated. Blogs would have to be about trading. The problem with starting a blog elsewhere is that it is hard to get commentary from likeminded people whereas here many traders would. Threads that were not interesting would quickly dissappear and others would build an audience. It might turn into a very popular forum. A lot of good traders have left this site because of what OptionTrader is talking about.I think Baron should take advantage of the Blog craze. Again this is just a suggestion. Save your breath ES as we know your views on the subject.
  7. Alternative that should make about EVERYONE happy (except ES):

    Whatever is not relevant to the theme the one who places the posting will himself press "reduce" to reduce the size of their posting. This will enable everyone to quickly identify what's relevant, & spare others from flipping through extra pages searching for the relevant postings.

    [Should this be made as a third alternative in the poll?]
  8. reduce

  10. export

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