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    I purchased Jack Carter's tricks of the trade system a few years ago and I have been watching and looking to get in again soon, but it seems none of the strategies work anymore. Does anyone here know or have an upgrade/downgrade system they use or know of? Thanks for the replies.
  2. the upgrade game ended in 1999.
  3. na, its still viable. But, with a different twist.

    BUY at a downgrade, and then HOLD, an then sell at the next upgrade.

    That is a system with 85% win rate.


    Na, buy or sell any time you like and exit on upgrade/downgrade! That is the system!
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    seemz to me the upgrade/ downgrade game is alive and well. one caveat is that itz best to concentrate on upgrades in bull market, downgrades in a bear. or even on how that particular day is unwinding; for the upgrades that really take off, in linear, straight line fashion, at some point it makex sense to short them ...thinking like about 20% above 50 day moving average? but not really sure ...any suggestions?
  6. upgrades/downgrades tradin' was one of my main strategies 'till no long ago and did pretty well. i often bot the upg and sold the downg altough i looked at technicals at the open before decidin' to long or short. now i dont look at 'em that often cuz i found that large gaps offer better ranges/odds, but it's still a viable strategy.
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    thanx for the feedback, and i dunno, but think the chartz do help in the decision process. also, it is all important to get the info fresh! otherwise you end up chasing, and that never playz out well.
  8. check mktwatch before the open; info is fresh there and even fresher are the updates on bloomie by the reporter on the nyse floor [just before the bell].
  9. buying upgrades/ selling downgrades works well.........but not as a dayrading strategy.......you need to plan to hold a minimum of 4 days..........exit at your comfort level.........

  10. agreed; u can really find a decent edge there.
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