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  1. In the last one or two years I've developed my own little automated trading system, connected to IB and triggered by financial news. I trade mainly on rumors, upgrades, downgrades, initializations and stuff like that. To feed this news into my system I've tried different sources, where the best I found till now are Fly and Briefing.
    The system works not too bad, but most of the time I am too late for the big trades and I am considering to invest a bit more (or maybe even a lot more) to get the little edge. I am also concerned about the case between Fly and Barclays.

    I've learned a lot in this forum, also based on this subject. What I agree on, is, that the big moves mostly happens before this news become public. The reason for that is that the analysts first try to satisfy their paying customers.

    Some of the posts are mentioning also, that bloomberg and reuters are the best sources. But when I look at the products offered by this company I couldn't find anything to prove this. It seems more the other way around that bloomberg just forwards information provided by Fly and Briefing.
    Therefore I wrote to both companies and for the next month a sales guy from bloomberg plans to give me a visit. He also sent me some technical informations about the core product and bloomberg equity. But still no evidence that they provide better service.

    So my question. Are Fly and Briefing anyway the best you can get? Or is there something I've overlooked. Are bloomberg or reuters or any other systems providing better, means faster, service? If yes, where are they hidden, and is it possible to feed them automated into my system?

    Whatever you can provide me, hints, links to technical papers or product descriptions, your experience, or just your opinion,
    any feedback is appreciated.
  2. What I found so far about Bloomberg Professional.

    The Bloomberg Terminal offers "Analyst Recommendations", which can be called using the Bloomberg command ANR.


    One way to retrieve this information automated, or to be exact the only way i found till now, is an excel interface, also sometimes referred to as "Bloomberg API", which perhaps is a bit of an exaggeration for VB macros. Having that it is possible to retrieve the analyst recommendations for a distinct list of given symbols.
    It seems not to be possible to retrieve all analyst recommendations, and I couldn't find a push or event interface within the "Bloomberg API".
    But maybe it is possible to retrieve the recommendations for a list of thousand of symbols e.g. every second? Not sure. There might be limitations for the number of symbols or the frequency of calls when using this interface.
  3. Another possibility seems to be the bloomberg news service mentioned here by calling TNI ANA US BN which then looks like


    but I don't know if and how to access or process this automated.
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    Private message me. I have a feed running through a data service that gives me this information in real-time as the Analysts release it. I am receiving this data 24 hours a day and usually well before the Pre-Market even begins trading.

  5. Ok, what I've learned so far.

    It took some time, but finally I got in contact with very nice and obliging consultants for both companies. After some back and forth I was able to explain what I am looking for, and surprisingly this trading model is quite know and used by other companies. And they do offer analyst recommendations in almost real-time, but not with their standard products costs a four-digit amount per month. For that you require additional functions, which are priced more in the five-figure range.
    There seems to be also additional channels, which are served at first hand by the analysts itself. But to get access to this channels, you need to be an investment company with at least 50k to 100k profit per month. Otherwise the owner of those channels not even talk to you.
    So what I've learned eventually was, that the amount of money you can make is directly related to the amount of money you already own. This game of analyst recommendations was invented and is controlled by the big guys. Everything else is just picking breadcrumbs from their tables. If you put more money on the table you could pick bigger chunks - meaning more profit. But even with little money you can get a view crumbs, like a fly on the wall. Unfortunately, being a fly you could be also smashed easily by the big guys. But there are still spiders, fleas, mites,... :)

    Good luck all of us trading the news.
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    A big advantage that Bloomberg has is offering news on worldwide companies, whereas flyonzewall only offers US companies
  7. Yes, I think what you really want is an elementized newsfeed http://bit.ly/iJeNYi -- and as you mention, they tend to be pricey. This has been discussed in other threads.