Upgraded to version 7, so I have wizetrade 6.0 for sale

Discussion in 'Trading' started by masterchuck, May 18, 2004.

  1. While I personally think WT is total crap, just because you've upgraded to a new version of ANY software does NOT give you the right to sell the old version - you bought a license to use the software and an upgrade is NOT a second license, it is a refresh of the executable code used with your ONE license - read your software's license agreement.

    No doubt one of the WT shills will be trying to track you down soon.
  2. Globaltec does not allow resale of their shitty software. If they did, you would see several hundred copies for sale on eBay.

  3. Under normal circunstances, that would be true, however, the version 7 I purchased was not an upgrade, and has its own liscence