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  1. I trade using Windows 7 and an 4 core I7 computer. I am wondering about the upgrade path from here. It is about time for me to buy a new computer and I don't fancy Win 8. Has anybody else faced this issue and resolved it?

    My software runs on windows, but there is a version that is browser based that I can use. The issue with that is the latest DNS attack denial of service that some internet providers are struggling with. I think things will just get worse.

    I am tired of spending significant time upgrading and virus scanning my computers. Like most users, I just want to use it, not fix it all the time.

    The upgrades have been hatching my sound icon and my internet icon in the taskbar. First it works, then it doesn't as upgrades come out. They had this same problem about 18 months ago and then fixed it. Today they broke it yet again! After breaking it, fixing it, and now breaking it again, I have had enough. If I have to start testing Windows updates for compatibility then that is where I draw the line.

    Are things getting cloud - y all day? Are we at a major tipping point for Windows? Is the Internet secure enough to run a portfolio?
  2. Windows 8 running classic shell makes the GUI similar to Win7 which is what I run. The whole metro screen is junk at this point. Win 8 is designed for touch screen.

    If I were you get a computer that is Win7 backwards compatible including the drivers which is the key and just get that.

    Every new release of Windoze just becomes more resource intensive. To run Win 8 you have to have Core 17 with atleast 12 gigs of RAM. I am on a laptop right now Win8 Core I5 with 6 gigs of RAM and this thing is slow. I will take it back to Sams and get something else.

    I you have a Sams and/or Costco membership just buy try it out and if you don't like return within 90 days.

    Make sure you have a clean Win8 install disk minus all the bloatware HP and Dell like to load. This Asus is clean and Asus doesn't load up with bloatware.
  3. +1 re going to win 7 instead of 8. win 8 is just a next generation vista in terms of unusability (a new word) and resource hogging.

    i wish win xp would have support for the next 100 years so i could use it forever. basically the day before support is cancelled next year i'm going to upgrade to the lowest price win 7 version and immediately disable all "features" that are useless.

    also re viruses, i've said this before but if it helps one more person...

    use firefox or chrome w/ adblock
    use cc cleaner at least once a week
    install mse

    done. 99.99999% of probs are eliminated this way.
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    just googled cc cleaner. Seems it frees up disk space by deleting tem files, internet temp files, browser history etc. What happens to bookmarks that I have stored in my chrome AND to my saved userid and passwords if it cleans browser history?
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    What sucks about XP is the hardware support. A lot of the times you plug it in on the USB and it won't install. If you don't own the CD you got to spend time looking around the net for the driver and software. With W7 the vast majority of the hardware is true plug and play
  6. i use firefox so don't know if it applies to chrome but AFAIK your bookmarks are NOT removed by running chrome. i use xmarks to back up bookmarks anyways.


    re saved username/password unless you use something like lastpass i believe they WILL be removed however i think you can uncheck that box that would remove them in cc cleaner.
  7. i agree it does suck. that's why i'm glad i don't really have any new devices.

    while we're talking about xp, i strongly suggest NOT installing this latest update from windows b/c it completely changed my video card driver settings and made me waste an hour this morning fixing it.
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    I don't get why Win 8 is such an issue for people. It is easy to use, and when I want the old desktop I just click on it in my tiles list. I found control Panel and the rest of the old stuff quickly. As far as speed, it starts up in seconds, and shuts down in a couple seconds. I have it on one of my trading computers and have had no issues.
  9. FWIW and IMO:

    I use firefox on my backup computer and Chrome on my Win7. The issue with firefox is their perennial slow memory leak due to the hand off of helper programs (like adobe, flash etc) that don't release memory properly. Maybe that issue has been fixed. I like firefox a lot.

    The problem with Chrome is the information is kept and likely sold. It runs like a dream but I run it under a special high security mode settings. That causes a few problems but it works well for me.

    I would not use Internet Explorer for real work due to the security risks that are potentially serious - like root kits. While browsers decoupled from operating systems can have trouble, in my view, it is much more difficult to damage your operating system using a third-party provider.
  10. you can use flashblock to help w/ the flash issue and you can use another pdf program (i use sumatra) instead of adobe as the default pdf option).

    or you could use noscript and prevent all the slowness.
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