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  1. ADLE


    Hi ALL,
    Is anybody could tell me, where I can see the reason for upgrade/downgrade any particular stock in US market?
    Why the company was upgraded/downgraded?

    Thank you in advance.
  2. ADLE


    No, I think I was misinterpreted, I don't need news on upgrade/downgrade, I need to know why analysts upgraded or downgraded particular stock...
  3. Check out the Upgrade/Downgrade histories of stocks on Yahoo.

    After one quick look you will realize that Upgrades/Downgrades are completely useless. All they do is move a stock for 1 day or two.
  4. maxpi


    lots of times it is obviously due to recent developments in the company like a big order or earnings surprise.
  5. ADLE


    Exactly, what I see sometimes it's just in uptrend analyst downgrade stock just to take people out, as their stops executed and then you can see how stock moves up.
    How does analyst then explain his downgrade to public?
    Looks like they just playing together with MM, buy shares from the weak hands, one/two bucks lower than they could.
    I believe a lot of people suffer from it, how do they take such a responsibility?Where the sec.gov, why they stay aside?
    And finally what the reason for this downgrade and where public can see it?
    In yahoo you can only see that stock was dowgraded/upgraded , usually there is no reason why...:-(
  6. nassau


    Money...it's all about money..the above create a stock move which many times gets correct in the reverse direction..
    you may notice a lot of stocks get upgrade just a few days/wks prior to reporting, the stock runs and if report is off it retreats.

    a lot of companies state soft earining expectations to create a bull move etc.

    The firms upgrade have little or no accountability in my opinion but can and do move the stock.

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  8. This is a short history of downgrades/upgrades for AAPL, 5 downgrades this year. Now look up AAPL's chart.