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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by illiquid, May 19, 2002.

  1. I'm kind of a newb to hardware so forgive me my ignorance(s).

    I've been using a Dell Pent 4 512RAM with (gasp!) WinME. It's used only for trading (on realtick platform), has never really crashed on me when it counted so I never bothered to change OS's. It came with Nvidia GE Force 2 Ultra w/64megs. I am currently using one 21" sony trinitron but would like to move my other 21" to the above setup.

    My vid card seems to have another open slot for a different type of monitor (looks like would fit squarish pins); can I use an adapter to make it fit my sony CRT, or do I need to get another vid card? Also, would I need to upgrade my OS for dual monitors, and if so win2k or winxp?
  2. illiquid,

    I beleive the squarish pins you are seeing is for digital video out (versus analog out on a regular VGA plug). Unless your current video card is a dual head card, you can't hook up two monitors. I suspect it's not.

    You "should" be able to just plug in another (non-AGP) PCI video card. Any current, cheap card should be fine. Power down, plug in the new card, hook up the second monitor, and ME should find the new hardware just fine. I ran two monitors on ME for some time with little difficulty.

    It is possible to have a conflict with the new video card. If that happens, return the card, and try a different brand. It has nothing to do with quality, so just try whatever is available.

    Good luck!