Updated MetaTrader 5 iPhone - Push Notifications and Even More Indicators

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  1. We are pleased to announce a new version of MetaTrader 5 iPhone. This release includes several important updates:

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    1. An extended list of supported technical indicators - 30 indicators are available now, like in the desktop version of the MetaTrader 5 Trading Platform.
    2. The appearance of technical indicators is now customizable, you can change the line color and width.
    3. Push notifications are now an integral part of the MetaTrader 5 iPhone mobile trading platform. Download the new version, to be able to push notifications from the MetaTrader 5 Platform or MQL5.community website to your MetaTrader 5 iPhone. For example, you can receive trading signals to buy or sell a financial security sent by your trading robot from MetaTrader 5.
    4. The new version also offers an improved program interface, optimized history downloading and error fixes.

    Do not forget to update your MetaTrader 5 iPhone to access all the new features! You can update the application through the AppStore or right from your iPhone/iPad.
  2. The functionality of MetaTrader 5 iPhone mobile platform has been significantly upgraded. The latest version features a large number of innovations and improvements providing comfortable work in the financial markets right from the mobile device.
    First, we have added the ability to arrange a chat conversation with any registered MQL5.com user. Specify the desired user's login in a message recipient's section to send a message directly to this user's mobile device. To do this, specify MetaQuotes ID in your MQL5.com profile. Thus, users of MetaTrader 5 mobile version can communicate with any MQL5.community member at any time.

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    Second, we have added classification of messages. It means that all messages received from the system are divided into 5 types according to their senders: Chat (conversations with MQL5.com users), Broker (broker's messages), Terminal (alerts and notifications from launched Expert Advisors), Community (various messages from MQL5.com, including depositing funds on the account or execution of an ordered work) and Other (anything that is not related to the previous 4 types).

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    These are not all the innovations introduced in MetaTrader 5 iPhone. We should also mention support for background mode: now, when the application is closed, it switches to the background mode saving the current operating state. Besides, in the new version, users can have a quick view of an account summary data. Besides, the audio signal is now activated when receiving a push notification. If necessary, the signal can be disabled in notification settings.

    We also continue MetaTrader 5 iPhone localization: the new version features Polish and Czech languages. It is important for us to make sure that the mobile terminal works in a fast and reliable manner using a language the user understands.
    Download the new version of the mobile platform and receive all these MetaTrader 5 iPhone features. The application can be updated via AppStore or directly from your iPhone/iPad.

    The entire power of MetaTrader 5 trading platform is in your pocket now!