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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by DATTrader, May 30, 2002.

  1. Regarding my thread from yesterday on my system problems, I was finally able to get virus software to run and found a virus previously discussed on Elite from that ebook back in March.

    Now I have removed the infected files but apparently the EMM486.exe file was part of my registry. NOw my lack of knowledge of windows comes back in to play.

    My machine seems to be working fine again but when I boot I get this "cannot find emm486.exe file invalid path" type of message, and also a message to edit my registry if this file is no longer used etc. I attached the exact messages as a screen cap.

    But when I look in windows help it essentially says DON"T F&%K WITH YOUR REGISTRY!

    Should I attempt to delete this emm486.exe file from my registry or simply deal with the annoyance of these messages -which I have to click OK about 5 times it seems-every time I boot? Thanks for any help/suggestions.

    Finally, I am still not sure it was this virus that caused the problem as I had noted that my (new) printer all of a sudden was giving me whacked out error messages too, so I uninstalled it. THus I don't know if it was a hardware problem wioth this printer or the virus. From reading the other thread it seems as thought his worm virus did not really cause system issues, it was more of a securtity problem.
  2. I forgot to attach it
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    hey datt, i think what i would do is, you got the weekend ahead of you, if you got the machine running now id say back it up, burn some cds of the data and do a clean install, sometimes it doesnt hurt to clean the house and get a fresh start. it would probably take you about half a day to get everything done, i think. i'd probably would do that. good luck either way.
  4. In all probability, you'll end up doing the clean install this weekend :D as suggested by janko. I don't remember what OS you're using but if it is Win 2000, you might try doing the "repair" procedure.

    After you've backed up the important stuff, run the Win2k installation CD. At some point the software recognizes that you're already running win 2k and you'll be asked if you want to repair your installation...it will give you a couple of options, one of which is to let the software do the whole thing automatically.

    Say yes to that.

    The file you're missing will be reinstalled by the repair procedure and that will be that. The whole thing, not including the backups is about five minutes, tops. If the repair is successful, you'll no longer get the error message. If it isn't successful, then go with janco's method.

    Good luck,
  5. I had the exact same problem with that f.....g Ebook. Against the advice of others, I deleted everything on my registry with EME486 in it, as this was the infected file. I haven't had a problem since. I 'm using NT4.
  6. lundy


    download system mechanic....


    run the registry cleaner utility it has... it should find the broken registry link(s) and let you remove them... it also has a backup feature so if anything goes wrong it can be undone.

    i've been using this product for over a year now on many different computers... it's worth it's weight in gold imo.