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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gnome, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. gnome


    I tried crazybrowser about 18 months ago. I thought it was clever, but slow and clunky.

    1. Has it improved?
    2. Perhaps you'd be so kind as to download Opera 7, browse around a bit and report to the board? The features of both are similar, I think. :D
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  2. gnome


    As far as I know, the paid version just removed the ad banner + gave the buyer 6 months of Opera's email, if desired.
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  3. opm8


    Thanks for the link, zentrader!

    I'm using it now and it basically made all of IE's annoyances go away for me. It's how IE should've been from the start. I love it and it's free, too.

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  4. It has worked fine for me. The main reason I use it is for the tab feature for multiple windows within the one browser. My task bar gets a bit cluttered otherwise with 3 or 4 browsers open, 5 spreadsheets and other applications.

    As far as I know crazy browser is just IE with a few enhancements.

    Opera looks good, but I won't be trying it as I still need to use IE to access one of my trading platforms.
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  5. gnome


    FYI, Opera has the same "tab" feature of multiple windows within one browser. I like that for the same reason you do crazy.

    Opera makers claim it's the fastest browser. Seems to be a bit faster at downloading, but it's obviously better at caching than IE... better at managing bookmarks too. Aesthetically, there are lots of "skin" choices + colors. (I'm rather partial to the "ice" motif, myself.)
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  6. thanks for that, i'll check opera out this weekend and report back.
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  7. Oh, I see ... :p
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  8. tuna


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  9. ALICE


    tuna thanks for that link. Is S-R as useful as it looks like it might be?
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  10. tuna


    yes i like it, i bought the registered version,mostly just use it for my links rather than what comes with it.
    I've got each tab setup to a differant website,breifing etc,start it up in the morning and you've got everywhere loaded in one go.
    Only grumple i have with it is it comes up with script error windows occasionally,i don't know whether thats the program or me tho.
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