Update Opera 7 (Free)... No Ad Banner

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gnome, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. I just downloaded it again, and it runs with no ad banner....
    but only if you delete "hidden files" before you install v7.00 final.

    Been using it for a few days. No glitches so far. Probably their best yet.
  2. Brosh J.

    Brosh J.

    What hidden files?? Please explain.
  3. This only applies if you have previously installed a version of Opera. If not, you should get a clean install without the banner.
    (I don't know why you would, but if you've never installed Opera and got the ad banner anyway, I'd follow the procedure below.)

    When you "Delete Programs" out of Control Panel, it doesn't every file in the program. A few are saved, like for settings, favorites/bookmarks, etc. You have to delete these first to get a clean install.

    Look under Help in your OS and find out how to "display hidden files"... then Search Files & Folders/ "opera*.*", and delete all of them your search displays.

    Then, go back and uncheck what you checked to "display hidden files"... this is a system safety issue so you don't accidentally delete important files.

    Then, install Opera and you're in business.
  4. If you're having trouble downloading, I suggest going to the options section. Uncheck the box marked "Wagner". The Ring Cycle is bound to take up way too much RAM.

    (RAM: Ring And Meistersinger)
  5. Brosh J.

    Brosh J.

    Thanks for the reply gnome, I understand what you are referring to now.

    Phantom, funny guy. :)
  6. cartm


    Agreed, this is def their best one yet.....like it very much.. :)
  7. I like crazy browser (www.crazybrowser.com). It opens new browsers within tabs inside a single window, kills popups, and is freeware. Worth a look. It uses IE.
  8. cartm


    BTW..........I would like to know if anyone actually bought the upgraded version?........is it worth the $$$? Or is everyone using the free version like me. (even if you didn't buy it and snagged it off kazaa, is it worth it?)
  9. By "upgraded", do you mean bannerless or is there something else? If it's bannerless, looks like we can have that fee now too.
    I heard there was an Opera 8 working.
  10. cartm


    They are selling something for 39 bucks. I was just wondering if it was an "enhanced" version of the free opera. So I guess, the question would be, what do you get for 39 bucks?...and is it worth 39 bucks? I am happy with the free version, I was just looking for other's opinions who my have already put up the dough.
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