Update on "Trading Blind"

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by hypostomus, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Some months ago I began an exploration of how to trade with deteriorating vision:


    Thanks to all those who responded seriously then. Attached is an interim solution which aids perception with deteriorating vision when dispayed on a 22" LCD. This solution is no doubt highly idiosyncratic. But perhaps it may inspire others with similar problems. The conception is three-fold. First, to be able to assess the entire day at a glance to recognize possible long-hold opportunities (right pane). Second, to be able to assess the recent past wrt possible S/R (left pane, apologies for blanking proprietary content). And third, to blow up the three bars which represent my entry/exit systems for utter visual clarity with remaining central vision (center pane).

    The ultimate goal is still to be able to trade totally blind with a rich audible representation of market state. That is coming along well, but is by no means perfected. I am currently using 23 different audibles to represent key price and volume events. Best regards to all.

    (And thanks to the many hard-working associates on my SW development team for the MonkeyTrader system of systems.)